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My name is Kümei Kirschmann and I'm an Argentinian artist.

When I was 20, my aunt gave me her Pentax-K1000 and introduced me to the analogue world. I would have never guessed it was such a neverending universe.

In 2014 I moved to Berlin and realized that this was more than just a fun hobby. I felt for abandoned places, these were my most cherished muse. I portrayed them and investigated their histories. These allowed me to be part of the exhibition that would mark the beginning of my career, in my second home, Berlin.

Years later, I decided to start working on alternative processes, everything that was out of the conventional: solarigraphs, pinholes, cyanotypes, film interventions, expired films. That was when I found my main field of action: experimental photography.
I decided to quit my job in a multinational enterprise and dedicate exclusively to this, that was when my pictures started travelling around the world in different exhibitions: Argentina, Germany, Russia, Portugal, Spain, and Poland.
There is a beauty in the experimental that goes beyond the final result and its esthetics: the process, the curiosity, the unexpected, the uncertain, the colours, the textures, the patience. I like to believe in “waiting” as a creative process.
I am currently working on my projects and coordinating workshops in Argentina and Europe to expand this kind of art, coming back to the origins of photography to create contemporary results.

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