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BERLIN AND I in Ulyanovsk

Palace of Culture May 1 (Ulyanovsk) - 19/08/2018

The exhibition's theme is "Berlin". This city we love and we hate. The city we experience skin-deep. Which is your relation with the city? Which are those places that give you goosebumps? Which corner of the city is only yours?​ 

The photo exhibition "Berlin and I" was also held in Russia in the frame of the Festival "Days of Germany in Ulyanovsk" in collaboration with Ulyanovsk Unesco City of Literature.

Living in Berlin was one of the best experiences I had in my life. It forced me to grow abruptly but it helped me to open my mind and gain a lot of confidence in myself. What I enjoyed the most was going to abandoned places. These were MY corners, MY spaces. I portrayed several of them but one of my favourites was "Spreepark", the only constant entertainment park in the GDR. Four of my pictures were exhibited here.

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