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Centro Cultural Cine Lumière (Rosario) - 31/05/2019

This was my first solo exhibition. I presented my solargraphic project called "Delator Solar" in an open call organized by the municipality of Rosario and was selected. Along with other 4 artists we covered the annual exhibition salon.

I create solargraphic pictures using pinhole cameras and very long exposure times such as weeks or months. In a frantic world full of snapshots, I believe in “waiting” as a creative power. The resulting images: deformed landscapes that erase the borders of the real and the imaginary, without retouching, only time. But time is also fictitious and factual. It is something that we know it exists but that we can redefine as we please. Time is ungraspable. We know it is there but we cannot hold on to it because it moves. Time is movement. In solargraphs, the time is sketched in the paper disguised as a series of lines, the sun rays. The motion of the sun is registered in this photosensitive support, resulting in a colorful and feeble negative. These negatives are portraits. Unstable portraits of an uncertain time.


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