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CHILLA is a book created, designed and produced along with Alejandro Cabral (@alecito) and it was released at the end of 2019.

It's about the life of Chilla, a fox trying to escape the wild capitalism that smothers us everyday. A metaphor of the contemporary modern life, mundane and south American (and for that, universal). Created with ancient elements, primitive techniques, chemical processes: experimentation.

Pinhole cameras, expired film, substances and light spreading thoughout the whole film.

Cave or camera obscura? Images everywhere.


"I was walking down San Luis Street. I wanted to buy frames for an exhibition. I walked into a Chinese place, one of those places where you can find anything you want. And then I saw them hanging on the wall. I thought of Orwell and Wes Anderson.

And that was how Chilla's adventure started. Registered with boxes and a Holga camera. Space was modifying itself not so much because of the kilometers travelled but more because of the colours."

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